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How to change to the user profile was on the id, and not as it is now on usename?

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Short answer: it is not possible.

Longer answer: You can do it but you will have to hack a good amount of the Q2A core and update any plugin that is using that. For example, see my profile url: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/user/pupi1985 . If this ended in /qa/user/123 then you'd have to modify this particular page so that 123 is interpreted as a userid rather than a handle. After doing so, you'd have to repeat the process for any other page that passes a handle in the url. Then you will have to modify each plugin so that it does the same thing.

And then, after modifying the core and plugins so much, forget about upgrading them by just replacing the files :)
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This has been suggested by Scott and me a while ago and is still on topic.

I guess, the URL with userid/username instead of only username will be implemented.

Since this causes a lot of problems, in all my q2a forums I have disabled the change of the username (which also confuses users sometimes).