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It would be very nice to have the option, that also the votes given to answers are visible in question lists.

Most times users give votes for answers, but not for questions.
When scrolling though the lists it would be very interesting to see how many votes where given to all answers of a question, as this indicates as well how good answers are (not only the number of answers like now, which are more an indication how many people have participated in a topic).

I even could imagine, just summing both question and answers votes all together and display this number, instead of only question votes in the lists.

Who could tell, how this could be done?

Any developer interested in programming it?

EDIT: changed "points" to "votes"
Do your "point" mean "votes" given to the answer? If so, the votes of the question and answers will be displayed by summing? Or question votes and answers votes will be separated? This may be difficult in relation to the display space.
Yes I mean votes (sorry for mixing terms).
To keep compatibility with all themes and have no space problems, I would suggest, just summing.
With a mouse-over effect (like admin can see who down voted or flagged), everbody could see how many votes for questions and answers:
3 votes for question
5 votes for 1. answer
2 votes for 2. answer
0 votes for 3. answer

or just:
3 votes for question
7 votes for answers

(for admins this information must be somehow merged or added to the tooltip for "who down voted or flagged", because this information should be lost.)
To keep compatibility with all themes I think the best way would be to REPLACE the current question votes including their tooltip with the sum of all votes and the voters. That way the theme would already know how to draw that information. Anyway, it would be a bit confusing, IMO.
Yes. Plan is good. However, tooltip is useless user interface which many developer also do not know it. Therefore, most general user will confuse. We have to be more improve the plan for the user interface.

My investigation result:

You have to change data below.

$post['vote_count_tags'] : title="↑ webmaster"

But, vote count of answer is not given to the theme layer. Therefore, you should override / hack function of application layer of Q2A core.

qa-include/qa-app-format.php::qa_post_html_fields() <<< override with plugin
qa-include/qa-layer-voters-flaggers.php <<< hack core

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