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How to put this banner on your website?
It appears only to unregistered users ..
It is part of the website or plugin?


Q2A version: 1.64
Which banner...??

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it must be the notice you are talking about I suppose. Just check in http://yoursite.com/admin/users you will see this

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As Guriyot Singh wrote,
the "banner" has not been very detailed..... however the question has got a +1 ! 
So I try to guess smiley
It's this one ! enlightened
In case it is  , it's not a plugin. It belongs to the core of q2a, and you can enable it in the Admin panel :
Admin ---> Users ---> Notice at top for first time visitors
Admin ---> Users ---> Notice at top for new registered users
There you can insert your custom message, using HTML too, for the 2 different types of notice.
I hope I've guessed ! smiley