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How can I add a form to the homepage? Just by inserting it in the default "homepage" (index) generating php script? Is It possible? I saw the other script but I dont want to deal with functions or anything of that sort, im also trying to take out the unanswered questions from showing in the HOME page not just the questions page which was already answered in another thread...

I asked about a few things here and almost none of my questions got answered, is there support anywhere else for this script? I only have a few simple modifications needed for this script, its template is just made too complicated for what it is...

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Hi DJ,

Q2A is a relatively young open source project. So far, as far as I know, there is one main contributor, Gideon. There are some other folks who it appears have been contributing translations and some other stuff. I'm proud to have contributed a plugin   (the proxy sso plugin).  But, overall, there are very few people involved at this point.

So my main message is that the best course is to try and figure out some of your questions yourself. 

For example, if you want to try adding a form to a page, just go ahead and try it. No   need to ask first...

The source is well organized. I suggest that you download a copy of it to your pc or mac and then follow it to see how it works.

If you don't have the necessary programming skills to investigate the source, then you may want to consider paying people to help you.

Later, as the project expands and gains more contributors, there will be additional people available to answer questions about it.

Also, as you gain more experience with the software, you can answer people's questions.

Hope this helped.

Best regards,


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I should probably rephrase my question, which of the pages itself from the php is the default index? I want to edit the index and add static content to the dynamic content as is, without creating functions etc? I cant seem to follow the template structure as i'm used to smarty style templates which are much easier to follow their structure and are usually faster... and I also want to remove the unanswered questions from the home-page of "recently asked questions" also...