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I experimented with blocking an IP from a legit (NON-spam) user.  This message was displayed:

"Matches blocked IP addresses: "

I know I had not blocked this IP address before.  Sounds like a bug to me.
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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If you wanna see that the IP has previously been blocked or not, go to the following section

admin > sapm > Blocked IP addresses - separate by spaces or commas:

Here is a list for all the blocked IPs. Have a look at that list and try to match the IP which is sending you this message. If you find that IP in the list then probably you would have blocked that IP in past but you just ain't able to recall when you did it.

I hope this helps.
I did what you said.  The IP is not in the blocked IP list.  This is expected.
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You claimed you have actually blocked that IP address, so it makes sense that it will be matched as a blocked IP address.
I tested this:
1. Accessed http://mysite.com/ip/ (just some random IP here)
I see the hostname and a "Block IP Address" button
2. Clicked in the button (what you did)
3. The page refreshes and now, as the IP has been blocked in step 2, a new message states:
Matches blocked IP addresses:
As far as I can tell that is working as expected. If you want to double check and see whether that IP address is actually blocked in the database, you can run the following SQL query, if you know how to do it:
SELECT * FROM qa_options
WHERE title = 'block_ips_write'
Anyway, it should be there, as you have blocked it :)
The impression I get from the user interface is that the IP WAS already blocked before I did just now.  You are saying that the message informs me that I actually blocked it, that the action succeeded?  

Anyway, I (the user) was confused.  Now I will know to just ignore the message.
That's right.

Being slightly more strict, the interface displays the CURRENT state when accessing that page. If you access it before blocking it (step #1) you won't see it blocked. If you access it after blocking it (step #3) (even the refresh performed by the button click counts here!) then you'll see the current state is blocked.

However, you made a good point about the fact that there is no green box stating the success of the operation (user feedback).