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I am sure that most of the users do not use the activities page. I am one of them. I do not use the "my updates" page either, btw.

Why? you might ask, because the necessary information is not easy to find there.

I am still using the history plugin of NoahY, which is 2-3 years old now, in my public forums. Despite the fact that q2a 1.6.x has the "recent activities" built in.

Just compare!:

Recent activities (current q2a version, Snow theme):


History plugin (essential and necessary information only):



My suggestion, change the activities page. Reduce the unnecessary information, then users will be able to use it finally.

You should start by removing the q-item-stats (view count, answer count), the tags, and the category.

I did some CSSing, this is the result:


CSS lines added:

.qa-template-user-activity .qa-q-item-what {
.qa-template-user-activity .qa-q-item-title {
.qa-template-user-activity .qa-q-item-stats,
.qa-template-user-activity .qa-q-item-tags,
.qa-template-user-activity .qa-q-item-where {
.qa-template-user-activity .qa-q-item-title a {
.qa-template-user-activity .qa-q-list-item:nth-child(even) {
.qa-template-user-activity .qa-q-list-item {
    padding:10px 0;
.qa-template-user-activity .qa-q-item-main {


1. The time should appear in the beginning (!)
2. The points are still missing. They are so important! For this, the core should output them in the end of each line.
3. The activity "commented, answered, ..." should stand before the title of the question.

It is important WHEN+WHAT the user did, then follows WHERE.



After 2+ years with q2a I finally hope, this can be solved with the next version.


Q2A version: 1.6.3

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