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I'm sure I can't be the only one with a need for such a plugin. So, is anyone working on the idea? I know there was a promise of one back in April. But that has not met user needs to date imo. And doesn't look like it will in the near future either.
Q2A version: 1.7 beta 1
The blog requires a lot of features. Do you expect any kind of features?
 1. Post article
 2. Add category on article
 3. Add tag on article
 4. Publish status manegement of article
 5. Slug (URL) management
 6. Show list of articles (by time range, category, tag, user, etc ...)
 7. Show article
 8. Comment on article
 9. Ping, pingback, trackback
1. Personally, I'd like to let every user with permission to be able create their own blogs, rather than just one 'admin' blog for the whole site? Ideally, they (the blogs) should be commentable and certainly deletable by the poster, admins/mods.

2. Selectable categories on posting would be really good.
3. I use categories rather than tags for ordering, but I guess that wouldn't be every one's choice. So, why not either or?
4. Status management would be more than a bonus.
5. I'm thinking along the lines of using blogs, to add things like 'anecdotal' answers or perhaps 'opinions' rather than more formal answers. (to add a networking dimension?) So, I don't know if slug management is something I'd personally need?
6. Show a list of articles by user in my own case. (by time, category and or tag) would be perfection.
7. Show a favourited user's articles maybe? (admins/mods able to see all?)
8. Covered in my #1
9. I don't think ping/back or trackback is necessary. But don't honestly know enough to judge the (if any) value of them in this case... Of course, my 'users' might have a different view?

I would welcome even a minimalist blogging capability at the moment (just admin?) but at least commentable and or 'answerable' and definately deletable. Perhaps other features added as and when as a premium option or as extras to buy when 'stability' is assured?
Thanks for your opinion (needs). Even though minimum feature, it is very difficult to develop as dedicated function, and it will take a lot of time. This can be seen that if you look at the history of the WordPress / Drupal development. Developer (include me) who can accurately implement these features as dedicated feature (separated plugin) may not exist in this forum. Approach under might effective in order to reduce development costs (span).

@sama. Thanks for the input and interesting link... I personally think that at this stage and from an 'ordinary' user point of view. Anything that does at least basic things, would be better than nothing?

I haven't quite grasped why you differentiate 'articles' from 'blogs' and wonder if I've missed something there?

Thanks again.

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Few weeks back , I thought of making such a Blog post plugin .

After that I discovered a blog post plugin here . Which is available in both Free and Premium versions .



So I stopped myself in redoing the work . I think this plugin will fill your need on your website .
Hi Amiya Sahu.
I see this plugin. But this plugin I did not like. He still does not work correctly in terms of programming is very bad.
If you do an accurate with features but a very nice design, I would gladly have bought.
Please can borrow to make a good blog is a paid plugin for everyone. I and other users are happy to have bought.
The plugin does not meet requirements Amiya and is badly supported imo. Another disadvantage is in having to share too many 'private' details to just test a half built product with 'alpha' features?
Ok . I may consider this plugin for creating a new one , if this post gets decent no of upvotes .
Fair enough and thanks for responding.
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I made a few changes to the poll plugin by NoahY, to use it as blog plugin for my site.

You can find it here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8fmYWqzSz2QdGM3YVpXZy1rdXM
Very interesting mikey... I'll give it a try out later. In the meantime, thanks for the link and feedback.
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Hi  Funrunna , 

I am developing a advanced blog plugin (Q2A Blog Tool premium plugin) , which enables the blogs in Q2A websites . Only few days left for release . Development completed . Now doing testing on it . 

It has the below features (in short )- 

  1. full control from admin panel 
  2. separate tags , categories , Sub Categories for blogs with category and tags page 
  3. you are free to choose editor of your choice 
  4. blog home page with Recent and Most viewd classification 
  5. premission based . Admin can set restrictions on posting blogs 
  6. Publish , Draft , Edit blog posts with tags and categories 
  7. closing posts . Once closed post will not accept any comments 
  8. Hide , reshow blog posts and delete posts
  9. Moderate the blogs , Approve and Reject posts 
  10. Search Blog posts 
  11. Comment on blog posts 
  12. flexibility to choose your own base URL for blogs such as (blogs , notes , posts) what ever you want 

And many more . 

Hope you will like it . I will notify once I am done . 

Few screenshots of the Admin Panel - 




Wow Ami... I am impressed. This looks very comprehensive!

1.  Have you decided on a price bracket yet?
2.  Will you release any kind of trial version?

I do so hope the testing goes well and of course I wish you the best of luck with sales etc. If the plugin delivers what it says, then I am sure you will have produced one of the best plugins on this platform... If not the very best!
Thanks a lot for your feedback . Here are my answers .

1. price not yet decided .
2. I am ready with the beta version(0.8.4) . I need few more days for doing end to end testing to make sure a bug free product (v1.0.0) . It will be released soon .