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I have followed the instructions on the Basic and Wordpress pages for installation, but the install never starts. Am running nginx server, and phpinfo.php page shows php working fine in the qa subdomain. When I navigate to subdomain, the page redirects after a bit to the Wordpress main page.

Since phpinfo is working on the subdomain, not sure why the redirect is occuring, and the install never starts.

Is this a server configaration issue? Or something I missed with Wordpress installation?



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Probably the OP is no longer interested in the answer after 2 years, but if anyone else come accross the same issue, I had the same issue, what was causing the problem to me was that I was using my subdomain address on : General > Preferred Site URL : q2a.domain.com . Once I changed it to domain.com/q2a/ (the actual folder where it is installed, it solved the problem.)