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He posted saying that he couldn't see the answer box, which was originally the WYSIWYG which I activated from the admin panel. However, all other users could use it fine. I have the same browser and OS and it works fine, any idea why this happened and how to fix? Thanks.

Here is what he said:

"This started today.. I can post questions I can post comments but not answers!!
the input box for answers never appears there's a white space in it's place.. (pic: http://s28.postimg.org/c2fivvood/Input_Bx.jpg ) In all my Browsers.

At first I thought the admins are trying somethings but then I found out that some users can answer the questions ..

Tried doing Shift+F5 refresh..tried deleting cookies.. still the same... before today this site was working properly...

Am I the only one? why this happened? and how can I solve it?"

Q2A version: 1.7, modified SnowFlat (although I haven't touched the wysiwyg editor code.

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Checked the site. I do see a text area there. I'm not posting as it is not my site :) There is no ckeditor code in the HTML of the page so you're most likely using the BASIC editor or, for some reason, the CKEDITOR plugin is not loading. You can try re-downloading the plugin only from github, and double check you've set CKEDITOR plugin to handle questions and answers. Obviously, also check the logs.

I'm just thinking about this: maybe this issue is affecting you http://www.question2answer.org/qa/41075 . Download the latest Q2A verion from the dev branch in github and try again.
@Pupi... I also have one user out of 10 who cannot see the full wysiwyg editor and this is under the snow theme.

Quoting the user's feedback to me.

"I can add a question title but where it says enter more details for your question below... Sometimes, there is a text area box but I can't enter text and sometimes, there is not even a text box?"

"I access the site from a desktop pc and I am using recent versions of IE and or Chrome browsers (I have java enabled?)"

Since only one user had this problem and I couldn't replicate the issue. I thought is must be a local/isolated problem and didn't report it as a potential issue. However, James's post now suggests that maybe there is something amiss? Your link to Sama's fix. Did not solve the issue for my user.

Since the same user can post via markdown, I've set that as the default editor for the whole site now to resolve the seemed one off problem.

Hope the feedback helps?

P.S. Using 1.7 beta
For what it's worth. Here's a link to another user on here, with what seems like a related problem:

So it does happen to few people but, for that people, it happens in all browsers? Extremely awkward. Only thing I can think is that these people are using browsers in other language rather than english and it is changing the language http header. Then, maybe, ckeditor is trying to find the appropriate translation for that request language and not finding it. Hard to tell.

Anyway, I guess this had already been fixed here https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/issues/118 some time ago.

Server logs might help... but I guess browsers' inspector logs would be more useful in these cases.
Thank you, I don't think the user is in an English speaking country. I will download the full editor with language files or set it to English only.