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This is a small point, but are badges going to be implemented at any point in the future?

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Perhaps. It depends on how important they are to users of Q2A, relative to other features.
Fair point, but surely anything that increases the engagement of a userbase with a site is a good thing ?
I would really like to see this as well.
Very important.
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Badges seemed like a popular request when you asked for 1.3, gideon :)

I know it might take a lot of work though, particularly in defining how/when users can earn badges. Perhaps this could be part of the plugin system? i.e. you have several plugins that query the database for, say, answers over 10 upvotes, or more than 100 points earned in one day, and return the matching users. Then Q2A can take those users and award them the badge if they didn't have it already.

As a plugin, you can include plenty of default options, but then we can write our own as complex as we like!
agree. badges and views per answer will boost the websites in a significant way!