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Two functions in qa-filter-basic.php were deleted in Q2A V1.7-beta. Users who are using these functions will lost compatibility. You need to create the same function in your addon. This is ridiculous.

Q2A version: 1.7 beta2
I think; as developer or creator of this script, you guys need to tone-down a little bit when you talk about future of the script... more friendly environment.... :)

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Sorrry you feel that way, but as I said on the Github ticket those functions were clearly marked as being just for that plugin. If you do non-standard things in plugins there is always a possibility something could break in a future version.

In your plugin you are not using the error messages it returns so you don't even need the function call, you can just replace it with a simple if clause checking the length.

$length = qa_strlen($checkvalue);
if ($length < 1 || $length > QA_DB_MAX_CONTENT_LENGTH) {
  // errors
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It is not a problem related only to my plugin. It is related to all of the users who have hack Q2A. Whether Gideon does not return to the development anymore?
Thanks Scott.