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"Site text direction" option was added in "Admin" > "General" tab of Q2A V1.7 Beta.

I am opposed to this.


  • RTL support different by theme
  • Only SnowFlat supports RTL
  • Classic, Candy and Snow do not support RTL now
  • This option is meaningless for the existing themes.
  • Many users / themes who have changed qa-theme-base.php will be incompatible with V1.7.
    (PHP "Notice (Error)" is displayed)

Therefore, in this stage, I think this is suitable to implement as define OR option of SnowFlat theme.

What do you think about this?

Q2A version: 1.7 beta1 (My formal version is yet 1.6.3)

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i think script have to check theme for rtl options if this option is available in theme then shows Site text direction in admin panel
Your solution also might be good. Anyway, I think now state is no good...
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Most of your points are a case of "chicken and egg". Existing themes are not using the option yet because the option has only just been released. The idea of the option is that for any theme which wants to support RTL direction, they can do so in one theme instead of having two separate themes. Once v1.7 is released themes can do this if they wish.

This is much better than every theme each having their own option for RTL. You can use a simple switch in the theme PHP class to reorder elements or use different CSS. Also plugins can check for the option and they know from 1.7 onwards they can get the text direction.

Perhaps it should be made clearer in the admin area that the RTL option is only for themes that support it?

Can you add a more concrete example for your last point about changing qa-theme-base.php? Note that the option is no longer passed in the constructor so it shouldn't cause any issues anywhere. The option is in $this->content['direction'].

Of course, no one should be editing qa-theme-base.php anyway as everything there can be overidden in the theme.
My explanation might have been insufficient (wrong). However, that I want to say is not that. RTL support is not that it has been limited in style sheet of theme. So, if you will add RTL option to Q2A core, Q2A should totally support for it. For example, "HTML" tag should have "dir" attribute, and default editor also must support RTL. In other words, RTL support is much bigger work, and V1.7 is not yet support RTL. Anyway, we will need to modify the core on which is fully heard more user's opinion of RTL language area. By the way, WP does not have RTL option. That information is automatically detected from language.
This might help your understanding.