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When I go to google webmastertools -> Stractured Data I see the following line with 50 errors:

hentry  Markup: microformats.org
All of them are pages of my q2a site.
Any idea how to remove the errors?
Q2A version: 1.6.3
I am on 53,618  Items with Errors on 26,076 pages ...

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I spent a bit of time checking into this and there are a few oddities with the Q2A microformats.

The microformat spec requires the "updated" and "entry title" fields, as well as "fn" (full name). Not sure if it was always like that or if it changed, but a similar question here from 2013 also has the same problem. There is also an answer there if you want a quick solution.

Q2A currently shows "published" on posts and "updated" only if a post was actually updated in some way. But I can change that to "published updated" when there are no updates yet.

Q2A uses "nickname" on usernames, but I can add "fn" there just to satify the requirement.

We don't have a title for comments or answers so it's difficult to know what to do there. Also it turns out the "entry-title" for the question is in the wrong place and has no effect... The linked answer above just puts entry-title on the username which is probably the only thing we can do right now.

The above changes will be put into the next release (1.7.0 or 1.7.1) as a quick fix.

However, I don't think the hentry microformat is really suitable for individual posts, only the question as a whole. There is a microforamts-2 spec but search engines don't support it. They seem to prefer schema.org microdata, and in fact there are special ones for Q&A sites that Stack Overflow and Yahoo Answers are both using.

So I think for the future, it would be a better idea to support schema.org microdata and scrap the current microformats.

You became too technical for me, you lost me.  I will live with the errors and hope they will go away when I install version 1.7.x

So I think for the future, it would be a better idea to support schema.org microdata and scrap the current microformats.
Haha, sorry! For an easier answer:
1. This should be fixed in v1.7.
2. If you want to fix the errors right now, see the linked question above.
i use version 1.7 but still have problem.
is it fixed or will be fixed in 1.7.1?
thank you
just checked Webmaster tools and found those errors too on each page (1.6.3 though), any update on the "how to deal with it" part?
@q2apro it's fixed in v1.7. The actual commit is here if you want to copy it on your version: https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/commit/d3860445bb68335f3bc979d92ae548157cac71e1
@Scott: merci :)
I still have the same problem in ver 1.7.4.  See my new question here: