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I have this warning:(

What can I do?

And also sometimes I get this message:

Please help me.

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The fact that this "sometimes" happens means the server just can't handle that amount of users. The first error, at least, is clearly the amount of connections allowed in MySQL being reached. The technical steps to increment the limit are in this answer: http://stackoverflow.com/a/19686969/268273

Regarding the service unavailable error might have the same root cause: the web server is just too busy. Or maybe some maintenance is being performed on it.

If you can not control the server on your own, then you should complain with your hosting provider or get a better/more expensive hosting plan.

Thanks Pupi.
Could you please tell me if I am doing the right ?(please see the answer)
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As I can't upload in comment I respond to Pupi here.

I want to be sure! In phpmyadmin>> SQL, I should add SET GLOBAL max_connections = 1024;



You can test the value beforehand with:
SELECT @@max_connections;

That will show you the actual value (default is usually 151). Then run:
SET GLOBAL max_connections = 1024;

If the previous command doesn't work you should see some kind of error. Anyway, just test it with the SELECT as I showed you before and if it turned into 1024 it has been increased. Otherwise, it hasn't :)

If it hasn't, it is likely that your user doesn't have enough privileges to perform that operation. That means, as I said in my answer, you'll have to contact your hosting provider
Yes default was 151. And after running  
SET GLOBAL max_connections = 1024;
I got this error:
#1227 - Access denied; you need (at least one of) the SUPER privilege(s) for this operation
And id didn't increase :(
So I have to contact(complain) my hosting provider!
Thank you kindly for your help :)
Right, the error is clear: nothing you can do on your own.
If you increase the max_connections, you also need to adjust value related to the server's memory. Therefore, I recommend that you check "wait_timeout" option at same time. If this value is 28800 (8 hours) you might be able to avoid the error by being much smaller (e.g. 3600, etc).
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Do you have the QA_PERSISTENT_CONN_DB option set to true in your qa-config.php file? If so try setting it to false, I've had problems with persistent connections in the past.
Thanks Scott.
it is false:     define('QA_PERSISTENT_CONN_DB', false);
I asked my server provider and they told me there was a problem in server and now fixed.