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Previously, advanced setting of the image was possible in CKEditor. It seems this feature has been excluded from V1.7. Is this the changing of specification in V1.7?

Example of V1.5.x, V1.6.x:

Example of V1.7

Q2A version: 1.7
What is in that "advanced" tab? I didn't explicitly remove anything there, we are still using the same image plugin so it maybe it was moved or changed in CKeditor itself.
No. Refer to L147 of qa-plugin/wysiwyg-editor/qa-wysiwyg-editor.php
"    removeDialogTabs: 'image:advanced;link:advanced;table:advanced',",
This is a change of specification of Q2A.

By the way, users to remove advanced tab certainly exist. It seems that you adopted this specification.

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OK thanks for the update, I must have taken that from the sample config.js file. For now you can simply remove that line from qa-wysiwyg-editor.php to get the advanced tab back.

I don't think it makes sense for that tab to be on by default since it's not that useful for most visitors. But as discussed here we will likely allow config overriding in the next patch version (1.7.1) so you can do it that way.