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After updating the Q2A, I was asked to update the database, even though I was logged as a normal user (not as administrator). I guess users were not supposed to be able to perform this operations.

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I understand the question, but there is no admin protection on updating the database after upgrading Q2A. The reason is that you might not be able to log in, due to database changes, so you would be locked out of Q2A entirely. If one of your users had clicked the button instead of you, it wouldn't have made much difference.
But the newest version has an option to take the site offline, right? So you can use that if I'm not mistaken, then upgrade. Or, you can use htaccess to deny everyone access to the site except yourself while you upgrade
Also, I've noticed when running upgrades on my site, that the stylesheet doesn't load at all until it's finished doing everything. It would look better to have it styled, while updating so it's easier to see the progress.