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Hi experts, I calling expert because you are familiar in q2a website. But I am beginner in q2a website. recently I started q2a website.


Why question not indexing in google?

how to create a sitemap and robot upload to web host?
thanks for your advice scott, I created sitemap.xml and robot.txt file please check out my another problem which posted in http://www.question2answer.org/qa/43231/why-my-robots-txt-file-showing-like-this

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It can take a while for Google to find a site and all the content on it. Best thing is to try and promote it a bit. Once you have a few links to the site Google should start indexing more quickly.
but scott, should I have to create sitemap or robot.txt to my q2a website. Once creating q2a website.

And what are the seo tips to get my website on google or other search engine?
You don't need to create a sitemap but it can help a bit. Q2A includes a sitemap plugin.

As for general SEO advice you should just try searching google for it, there is plenty of information out there.