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Before 7-8 month , I tried to use default "facebook-login" plugin on my q2a website but there were some issue . That's why I disable that plugin from my website .Now , I want to again use this plugin . So , now , my question is q2a default "facebook-login" plugin working perfectly or having any issue yet?

Q2A version: 1.8.5
It hasn't been updated since then and nobody has made a pull request so I'd guess not.
For me, it's not working correctly.  I think it's still calling deprecated permission scopes so it's throwing an error when trying to connect.

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You should login by email for save
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Base off my comment, I got it to work by doing the following:

FILE A: /qa-plugin/facebook-login/qa-facebook-login.php
FILE B: /qa-plugin/facebook-login/qa-facebook-login-page.php

Open FILE A. On line 83 update the scope to this: 



Open FILE B. On line 59 update the me?fields=  to this



I didn't need to capture the user's location and other fields so this was enough for me.  All I really need is the email, name, and picture.  If you leave location as one of the permissions, you'll have to get your app approved by Facebook and that may take some time.

After logging in with Facebook, if you also experience issue with logging out like I did, then do this:

in FILE A, delete lines 83-86 and replace with

<?PHP if(!$logout){
        print '<div class="fb-login-button" style="display:inline; vertical-align:middle;" size="'.$size.'" scope="email,public_profile">
            print "<a href='javascript: void(0)' onclick='fbLogOut()'>Log Out</a>";

And after line 81, add this

function fbLogOut(){
        FB.logout(function(response) {
          // user is now logged out
Thanks for the fix  Did you see what happens when FB logged in user has the same email as an existing user on site?
I have not tested that yet.  Does it go crazy?
I can't do anything. I also same
Not sure. I faced that issue with hybridauth plugin.
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Hello, i got a problem after register from the facebook

---- the user want to register also from gmail

------ they add their gmail account

------ but the conformation code don't come to the gmail  account

please reply and solve this problem