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I would like to insert a large number of categories at once. My question is clearly related to the question http://www.question2answer.org/qa/13767/how-to-add-mass-amount-of-categories-at-once

1) Is the only table affected by this procedure qa_categories?

2) Is it not clear for me the meaning of some of the table fields. Can you help me?

a) categoryid: Ok

b) parentid: If there is no subtree structure can be null?

c) Title: Is the name of the category?

d) Tags: Is it basically the title with lower cases?

e) Content: It is not clear for me since there is another table called qa_categoriesmetas? So, what are the difference between them? Content can only be seem by administrators and Meta can be seem by general public?

f) Position: Is it allow me to insert a category in the position I want. In general, it is the same of the categoryid?

g) Backpath? In the case of categories with no parents... How to I fill this field in MySQL database? I just write the tag associated with the category? In the case of the tree: root (NULL) -> Cat1 -> Cat2. How would it be?

3) Are there advantages to insert using the functions qa_db_category_* or I can use a mySQL command?

Q2A version: 1.7.0

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