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My Q&A site (localhost) is in Portuguese. There is already translation of Q2A for Portuguese and I am using it! Furthermore, in both plugins we can translate the main text (see figure below).

In the confirm plugin, one has only to change

if (content)
            return "You have entered text; are you sure you wish to leave this page?";

for whatever one wants. In the warn on leave, we can create the q2apro-warnonleave-lang-pt.php. However, in both of them, there are some text that comes from elsewhere (please, see figure).

How can I work to translate everything? I am still getting used to the structure of this amazing framework. I want to stress again that I already have a pt (portuguse) directory in the qa-lang directory.

Q2A version: 1.7.0

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I see the image but I'm not sure what you want to translate there. I guess you mean the English text inside the popup dialog. If that is the case, solution is simple: you can't. That is part of the browser. If you want that translated then you'll have to download the Portuguese version of Chrome.

If those texts could be modified, then how would you avoid malicious sites from changing them into something else?

Sorry, I didn't realize that it was a part of the browser! That's the reason I was not able to find this piece of text! I am going to check! Thank you