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i thing i will have many problems if my site grow and have more user.because my site use host cpu and memory very much.

please guide me to reduce cpu and memory usage.

thank u very much
Q2A version: 1.7

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If there was a way to reduce CPU and memory usage then it should already be part of the core, right? :)

Anyway, a simple way to avoid unnecessary overhead would be to remove all plugins from the plugin folder and only add the ones you actually use. Disabling them is not enough.
+1 Yes. I think so too. That I was worrisome ...

(1) You will need to show numerical value of CPU and memory load. For example, you can easily to know the performance of your site by using debug option (qa-config.php::QA_DEBUG_PERFORMANCE).

(2) Budge plugin executes a lot of queries on every page. I know that this plugin degrades of the site performance. There will be a need to use this plugin on the high-performance server.

(3) I think this is not a cause. But, your site permits very large number of tags to the question.

Anyway, I recommend that you investigate plugins with debug option.
I agree. The badges plugin, in particular, is a performance killer. Not only does it perform lots of queries that could be cached but it also keeps track of user settings (the checkbox in the user profile) in the ^options table instead of using a one-to-many relationship. That is really bad because settings are always fetched in full in every request, so if you have 2k users from which 500 have checked or unchecked that value at least once, then that will add 500 rows to the ^options table