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Please  How i can add Adsense in the  bottom of post 

Q2A 1.7
Snowflat theme 

And thanx  

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I'm not sure cuz I didn't tested, but putting this:

$this->output(' YOUR ADSENSE CODE GOES HERE ');

after line 484 on qa-theme.php should do it. Like this example below:

    public function q_view_main($q_view)
        $this->output('<div class="qa-q-view-main">');

        if (isset($q_view['main_form_tags']))
            $this->output('<form ' . $q_view['main_form_tags'] . '>'); // form for buttons on question

        $this->post_avatar_meta($q_view, 'qa-q-view');
        $this->post_tags($q_view, 'qa-q-view');

        $this->c_list(isset($q_view['c_list']) ? $q_view['c_list'] : null, 'qa-q-view');

        if (isset($q_view['main_form_tags'])) {
            if (isset($q_view['buttons_form_hidden']))

        $this->c_form(isset($q_view['c_form']) ? $q_view['c_form'] : null);

        $this->output('</div> <!-- END qa-q-view-main -->');

        $this->output(' YOUR ADSENSE CODE GOES HERE ');

this donne Ads just after "EDIT , close , hide ... " icons

I need to insert it just after the  last word of post

and thanx
Oh ok, I was assuming you wanted this after the question 'chunk' because you didn't specified it on your question. Try to put the code after this line instead:  $this->q_view_content($q_view);