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As q2a 1.7 is released so it would be good to know what's gonna be next?

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The previous roadmap is mostly still valid. The only thing that didn't make it into 1.7 was:

  • More flexible custom HTML areas (widgets), and allowing widget plugins to be placed on page plugins.

And I still intend to implement the ones for 1.8:

  • An improved Notifications system: post replies, wall posts, PMs for each user will be more visible on-site (e.g. an icon/number like Facebook/Reddit/Stack Exchange).
  • More control over which pages are displayed (e.g. completely turning off the Users page), and ordering of menu items.
  • Comment voting.
  • Allow user to sort answers by votes/time.
  • Page caching.

Three new features have already been implemented (first 2 by pupi1985):

  • Number formatting characters (decimal point, thousands separator) can be specified in language files.
  • Numbers (for votes, views etc) can be compacted e.g. 1.3k instead of 1300.
  • Switch to schema.org microdata.

A few more minor coding things that may also be implemented:

  • Use AJAX for closing questions.
  • Confirmation dialog when navigating away from the current page while writing a question/answer.
  • Convert the category widget into a real widget plugin.


Thanks for your answer Scott. And a real time notification system would be a great addition to Q2A.
But I would still ask for just one more thing. Please change the name of feedback page to "Contact Us" page.
Contact us page can be used for all purposes even for feedbacks. But a feedback page can't be shown to everyone for contacting purpose.
You can change that in your language files.
Might be that Gurjyot also means the URL, which is /feedback by default?
Yes I am asking about completely changing Feedback page to contact us page. Contact Us page is one of the things which make a website look professional.
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@Scott, thank you for the roadmap!  On feature that I think would dramatically increase traffic is subscription via email to questions/user posts/category new posts.  You mentioned notification but that is on-site.  How about email notification.

Also when I currently receive email notification it does not allow me to unsubscribe.
@Scott, are you planning to implement remaining features from this list?....or you can release v1.8 now then implement remaining features in v1.8.1. It is more than a year since we released last version.

You can freeze github code, I can test for few days before we release.

Please let me know your views.