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I'm working on integrating Q2A with our own custom designed bridge in our registration system. I scoured the site looking for this info and could not find it, perhaps someone here can point me to the documentation or answer my question.

We want our community moderators to be able to edit posts, but not have the same access as our internal tech support. So we have some confusion about the differences between Editor, Admin and Super Admin.

I think I would be the Super, while my support staff would be Admin level, Moderators would be Editor and our customers would be Basic. We just need to know the distinct differences between abilities between Editor and Admin and Super.

Of the four levels of users, what is difference in permissions for level of user:

QA_USER_LEVEL_BASIC - We understand this is the typical basic user with posting privileges

QA_USER_LEVEL_EDITOR - What is main difference between this and admin?

QA_USER_LEVEL_ADMIN - What is the main difference between this and editor?

QA_USER_LEVEL_SUPER - What is the main difference between this and Admin?
Q2A version: 1.7.1

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