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I was thinking many people here would like to get custom plugins made but many people simply can not afford the price so why dont we take votes on plugins and the ones that get the most votes would be the one that get made and those who want that plugin can donate to having it made...
Q2A version: 1.7
That has happened already. The amount of money raised was considerably low. So low that if I had been the developer, I would have turned down the offer in favor of working on something I'd enjoy more, even if it was for free.
One of the worse things people can do is to allow one bag experience to lead them to believe this is simply not going to work, then every one gives up, you may have to try several time before the ideal sinks in, But once it does then things start moving along a lot faster...
Totally agree. I'd personally like to see that idea come to life again. The good thing is everyone can start offering without even spending a cent. My contribution so far: an upvote
its just a matter of finding someone who will be willing to create decent plugins at a fair price, I for one have about 4 plugins I love to get made, one of them would be a gallery for the users, and I know other people would like to have something like this, and I be more then happy to contribute some money to get something like that made...

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