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We are happy to announce the release of the Mobbr plugin.
With the Mobbr plugin websites that run the Q2A software can start making money with crowdsourcing. By embedding the Mobbr plugin on the Q&A, money can be pledged to specific questions, categories or tags. And people can reward eachother.

The Mobbr plugin works very simple. It inserts the Mobbr metadata in the HTML of the Q2A pages and optionally shows the Mobbr buttons. This makes question/answer threads payable, or donatable. A payment can be done by clicking the Mobbr button and following the instructions in the lightbox. The amount is divided among all participants in the thread and all participants in the community in such a way that everybody who added value, shares in the revenues. 


Documentation: https://docs.mobbr.com/display/MobDoc/Question2Answer

The wallets and dashboards: https://mobbr.com

Example site: http://fastmovingtargets.nl/workforce/225/activiteiten-ontplooien-natuurijsliefhebbers-skaters-worden

Our question to you, which applications and business models do see for / with this plugin?  

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Hi Patrick,

Thanks a lot for sharing your plugin with us, It is a great step towrds monotizing our QA websites. It is very creative rewarding participants. I haven't tested your plugin yet, just have questions in mind like is it integrated with paypal etc or ?

As for your question:

One thing which is still missing here is a plugin to let sponsers to post their ads ( banner) on our q2a website. Someting like this:

1- the admin to speciify the banner sizes and some spots (grids) on the question page ( on the side bar etc) or front page for placing ads and as well specifying the price for advertizing at those locations ( per month/ per week etc)

2- a user (sponser) can login, select one of those spots and see how much the price is for advertising at that spot, uploads his/her banner. Then selects the dates at which he want his ad to appear, then checks out and pays via pay pal etc.

Thanks again for sharing your great work
We support most European currencies, like GBP, NOK, EUR, etc. plus USD. We also support Bitcoin. In our system you have your own wallet at https://mobbr.com , which has its own bitcoin addresses and IBAN address. So you won't need Paypal or anything else. You can use it as if it was your normal bank account.

The backend isn't Paypal, we are running on the backend of Leetchi bank, on an European emoney license.

You can also try to write your own plugin, by using our API at https://api.mobbr.com . Or by modifying the plugin we created for QA.

Let us know what you think about it after you tested it!