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I'd like to know how I can manually translate the "infinity" theme into german. I'm running q2a in german it works fine, but with the infinity theme there are a few phrases that are still english. For example the control panel for users at the top.

Sorry for my bad english.

Q2A version: 1.7.0
closed with the note: Solved Problem myself
Why did you close the question when there are other people who might have the same problem... for example me.

Not to mention that you did not supply any answer so others can solve the problem too.
This is not the way you can create a community.
Just open a new thread and i m sure we can help u
I did found the some of the words that are directly posted into to the code and are not getting translated.

They are in .../qa-theme/Infinity-Theme/qa-layer-base.php

Thanks for your suggestion  UI-UX-DESIGNER.
I wanted to place the answer here since this question appeared in my search and it will probably come out into other searches as well :)