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will I have the same users and questions as the old site?
Q2A version: 1.7

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Yes this is possible. Log in to the control panel and download your DB using backup option.
Now upload it in using Restore option.
Could you  be a bit more specific? You say log into the control panel. Do you mean the admin tab? If what sub-tab is it under?
@arend.danielek He means you need to query your database directly. This is not something you can do from Q2A itself. You need to access your MySQL instance directly, usually done by means of PHPMyAdmin which most hosting companies provide in some kind of control panel.
@arend.danielek, Which hosting service you are using? do you have cPanel? or site is hosted on dedicated server?
@pupi1985 Yes, I realized this shortly after forgetting I asked this question. I ended up manually dumping and importing th database.

@ProThoughts We are hosting on aws, on a dedicated VM. I figured out what I was missing earlier, not sure what cPanel is but not sure I need it at this point.
@arend.danielek, good to know it is working. I asked above question so that I can guide you. I also use Amazon AWS servers, You export db (using mysqldump command) and then import db should work.

Most of the shared hosting provider use cPanel, it is easy user interface. You can click and export db from control panel.