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There are some Down voters who down vote other questions and answers. Down votes can cause users get upset. So I am looking for a way to delete the votes of the down voters.

Thank you for your help.

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That goes against free will doesn't it? :P

There is no direct way remove a downvote from the UI. You could remove it from the DB, though.

As a matter of fact, there is a way to remove a downvote from the UI: if you remove a user it cascades the removal of the votes. However, if the original issue was user unhappiness I guess removing someone's user will lead to the same result.
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or you can just upvote it? lol
It is not equivalent the same. Take into account that points that generate both processes can be different, users might want to see both values (upvotes and downvotes) so the downvote will still be there and also consider it will also appear in their user profiles
Thank you Pupi. In my idea there is no reason to down vote 50 questions or answers a day!
so is it possible to limit the number of down votes from users?
There is a limit for voting for an IP/hour and user/hour. But there is no such limit for voting per day.
And I wonder that StackOverflow also have a limit for giving and points per day then why it is not in Q2A. But then, Q2A is still being developed so it will eventually be in Q2A.
If someone takes the time to downvote 50 questions per day, I'm pretty sure they have a reason, right? Nobody would take that time without thinking they're making progress towards some kind of objective.

Now, if you consider those downvotes go against your forum rules, then you should block or even delete the user. If you penalize the user, you get rid of the source of the issue. Removing 50 downvotes per day, even if it was possible, you're just adding more daily work for yourself.
I think it is more like serial voting not having a reason. You can read about voting fraud here :http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/126829/what-is-serial-voting-and-how-does-it-affect-me
what would you do if you face serial voting? I think blocking or removing  the user is not a good idea!
Hello pupi1985, if I take a case where one user having some issues with another user and he is just down voting posts of a particular user. And maybe he has not taken 24 hours for this but about 4 to 5 hours then how to deal with that users. I do not want to loose any user because to even down vote, that user has earned some points on my website.
So to rate limit voting per day for a user would be good.

And if you are saying that if a user downvotes 50 questions per day then there may be a reason, then there is very less chance that a good user would be doing this but there are more chances that a user with a fake account (other then his original account) would be doing this.