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I have actually answered a similar question. The thing is I didn't use names for the tables. In that answer, when I talk about events tracked at a user level I mean events tracked using the ^userevents and when I talk about events tracked at an entity level I mean events tracked using the ^sharedevents table.

So basically the ^sharedevents it just a way to avoid having a huge ^userevents table.

I have never used those tables. Only the qa_eventlog. Don't you think we should get rid of those?
Users who check their updates do: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/updates

I never check them but I guess it is a matter of how each one uses Q2A
I am 100 % sure that no one is checking this, I noted that already back in 2014... it's absolutely useless. That's why I did the on-site-notification plugin.
Any way to get rid of the related database queries? (for performance) ... probably should be a separate question?