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We are working on a cache system for q2a.  I think it is a good time to propose a general q2a cache in mysql, as part of core, that all plugins can use.


id:  Sequentially incrementing id

owner:  module or plugin that owns the cache entry

type:   set by owner

idx:    The index to the record

idx_crc32:  crc32 hash of the idx, this is done for performance, so we only use the crc in our large index.  e.g. for url caching, the url is very long, so we don't index it, instead index crc32 of the url.


content:   text or blob

index for above:

composite of owner, type, idx_crc32
Q2A version: 1.7
> I think we need to do more.  Since a anon user might click on a few more pages, and then decide to edit their post.  This means that we need to put the flag in session to no longer show them the cached copy, otherwise immediately after the post page, the history is lost

Can you realize how it in the cached state? When you show program for your hope to me, I'll adopt it.
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Working on it...
It is working. Please see my branch, specifically https://github.com/sama55/q2a-caching/commit/d328fac81e6bf577d10f274fc0b6429563311f16 related to: $_SESSION['cache_use_off']

There should be a more elegant way than the logic added to qa-plugin.php - maybe you can make that change.
Your research is good. There will be also relationships. And I was also carelessly.  But, as you wrote in the title, this thread is a proposal to core or core developers. Discussion about my plugin should not be here. If Q2A core has been developed even now, and core developers are interested in this discussion, they will comment or answer.

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Mysql general cache table could easily be a plugin.  I am thinking about developing it. Fairly easy.