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not enough details ... If it comes from the database, open it in phpmyadmin and look for the patterns of the virus : eval ? script ? check the latest posts first. To put the site in maintenance mode , rename index.php to something else.

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I saw your site: http://moviehome.in/

In Opera (browser) your site works normally.

the problem (in Chrome) is obvious, the ad system you are using. These ads are considered malware.

Use another affiliate program, there are dozens that will offer a better experience for you and your users.
you mean to say this is only because of the ads i pasted ?? even after removing ads i see the same error!!
Not to worry, it'll take sometime for Google Chrome to detect that your website is good again. So in few days or maybe hours it'll be back again. :)
Just as Gurjyot Singh said, shall take a few days for your site again can be accessed normally. This may help: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/168328