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the themes header is aligned to the left, which doesent look good with higher screen resolutions. So how can i make the menu items in the header center? or should i change the width of the header?

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in qa-style.css add :

.qam-main-nav-wrapper {
    display: block;
    text-align: center;}
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This is a good catch. I have added it to the task list and will do once I will start to work on next update. Meantime follow the steps to fix it.

The most simple solution is to add text-align: center to the wrapper as below

Find css rule .qam-main-nav-wrapper in qa-styles.css and add text-align: center;

If you apply outside the media query than it will apply to all by default and things will be aligned for the desktop too. So if you want it only for specific screen than find the appropriate media query in css (it should be near around it) and add text-align property to only that screen size.