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Is there a way to link the numbrs in the answer count on the front page to the single post/question page? So when a user sees that a post has a certain amount of answers they can click on it and it takes them to the answers of that question? Thanks!


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Yes but not completely straightforward. There is no generic ID on the answers as a whole so you can add that then link to that anchor.

First check up advanced themes if you haven't already: http://www.question2answer.org/advanced.php#theme-advanced then try this:

1. Find where the "qa-a-list" element is output and change it to <div class="qa-a-list" id="qa-answers">

2. Find the part which links the title to the question page and make a note of the code there.

3. Find which function outputs the answer count and add your link to the question, but put #qa-answers on the end. You'll also need to check the number of answers I guess to avoid linking "0 answers".

PS. Sorry if this is a bit vague as I don't have the Q2A code on the computer I'm using but I can add more details later if you need.


Thanks for the answer. We couldn't understand exactly what to do.  Can you please explain with more details. Thanks