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question2answer/index.php?qa=activity does not show all the activities like answers, comments to answer etc but only the questions, thus making it same as the questions page.

Acitivity stream should

- give super admin the option to display all activities

- give users dropdown filters to see what activity they want

- if possible allow users to hide their activity if the site admin enables this

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Can you send a link to your site? The activity page should certainly show answers, comments, and also recent edits. See the one on this site from an example.
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The "All activity" page shows the questions that have had recent activity. It doesn't show the actual answer or comment text though.

So if a question/answer was just commented on, that question is listed at the top. You can click the "commented on by" link to jump to the actual comment, but the main link just shows the question.

The questions tab only shows questions by when they were asked so if you comment on a question asked 6 months ago, it will show under "all activity" but not "questions".