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I changed the links on my website using the information provided on (http://www.question2answer.org/qa/3006/changing-links) - and they seem to be working perfect. I've also changed my website's language.

However, there are 2 litlte problems I'm facing. 1st, the FEEDS don't seem to be working correctly. 

I renamed QUESTIONS to STATUSES in my website, and now the feed link that displays in the sidebar, points to "http://www.statusboy.com/feed/statuses.rss" instead of "http://www.statusboy.com/feed/questions.rss" ... so on and so forth. What's the work around to correct this error?

If I go to http://www.statusboy.com/feed/questions.rss - it seems to be working perfection however the only problem is that the Feed Icon & Link in the pages is pointing to my changed links feeds which do not exist .. so please help me with this.

Furthermore, another problem is that on Questions page .. which is now known as "Statuses" on my website, there's a link on the bottom that says ..

"Help get things started by asking a question (submitting a status)" .. it is also linking to OLD /ask instead of the new /submit link.

Also the bottom link "Full List of Questions (Statuses)" which should now be pointing to /statuses is still pointing to /questions

I'm temporarily resolving this by adding 301 redirects. But I want a more permanent solution to this.

Visit my website http://www.statusboy.com/ to see what I'm talking about.

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First of all, you can change the switch ($feedtype) { ... } statements in qa-feed.php to make it accept the feed URLs that are automatically generated on your listing pages.

For the other problem, look at functions qa_html_suggest_qs_tags(...) and qa_html_suggest_ask(...) in qa-app-format.php.