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Most of the people dont know there is a page exists which shows the latest answered posts .


So (IMO) the Answers page should be included in the nav links - Admin -> Pages -> Show navigation links:
Q2A version: 1.7

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Honestly, I don't know why we have that. Gideon probably developed it but then we have the home page which is pretty much the same thing so he didn't add a link for it. I'm not sure "recently answered questions" has any real value on its own.

Happy to hear others' thoughts though.
Yes that's true that the home page shows the latest answers . But it also have latest questions . So some forums which targets to students they may be more dependent on latest answered questions .

It is just an idea though it is little bit specific target .

As already we have the feature implemented in the core , I wonder why the link is skipped . It may be intentional too as we have the answered questions on the home page .

Lets see what others think about this .