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I receive the following error email from the cpanel of my Q2A website how to resolve it ?




cPanel & WHM has determined that the following database tables are corrupt:


Database Error
eximstats error : Keyblock size at page -1 is not correct. Block length: 254 key length: 2 Error : Incorrect key file for table './eximstats/defers.MYI'; try to repair it error : Corrupt


We recommend that you repair these tables with WHM’s “Repair a MySQL Database” interface (WHM Home » SQL Services » Repair a MySQL Database). If the repair fails, contact cPanel Support for further assistance.

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This is not an issue with Question2Answer database. Your eximstats database has corrupted table. "defers" table from eximstats database has been crashed and you will have to repair it. You can do it from WHM - > phpMyAdmin and then go to eximstats database
I did access >> phpMyAdmin >>eximstats>> I got like the following screenshot image:


Now How I can repair it?
From "With selected" option, you will get an option "Repair table" option. Depending on the total records, it may take some time to repair corrupted table.