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I'm now grabbing data for my q2a site. I have already followed "how to auto post..." to import my existing q&a into q2a database. It's well done. Thanks for pretty good instruction in q2a site.

Well, now I just want to auto create q2a account from my existing user account list. For example, I have a list of users with mail, I want to create a PHP script to create account for each and notify them via email. How can I do this?

Thanks for any help.

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You can call function qa_create_new_user(...) from qa-app-users-edit.php. But please note that you might want to consider using Q2A with single sign-on, so that your two user bases remain synchronized.

Thank you for you comment. However my system is a bit difference from the others. I have a chat bot which receive user message from the most popular instance messaging tools (yahoo messenger, gtalk, skype, fb-chat), and then do search on our q2a website.

As a convenient function, users can create an account with the same IM's account they got (by typing a sentence to have account created by the system). That's why I want to write a script to automatically generate account if needed.