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Is there way or plugin we can have an identification for user types. Suppose i have two types of users on my site, i want them to choose their user type while they register. We should be able show different profile page options based on their profile type.
Q2A version: 1.6.3
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@jaipster No that is completely false. Q2A is still being developed, just check the Github repo to see, there are lots of changes being made. v1.7.2 has already been sent to Gideon for release soon.
@jaipster , the q2a development is not stopped . Rather it is bit slow than the user expects . There are too less contributors  . @Scott works here in his free time and the creator of this software is busy on different project . And Now I am trying to contribute something what I can in my free time .

The q2a is already matured and works much better than other software available . Can be extended via plugin and themes . So the features you suggested is not suitable for core , should be in a plugin .

If you think it is slow , why dont you help in testing the new bugfixes and enhancements .
I didnt mean to say the development is slow. I just had a query/concern. And i thank you guys for putting in all the hard work. meanwhile i will start working on the development of this plugin. In case off issues i will bump into you guys for help.
That would be great , thanks

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There is no existing plugin as far as I know, but this should be doable with a little effort.

First you'll want to set up an extra user profile field (in Admin > Users page).

Then you can react to the value on the users profile page. You could make your own plugin, but the easiest way is probably using an advanced theme.

  • Override a function (for example the form() method)
  • Check if $this->template == 'user' 
  • If so, fetch the user details (one of the functions on here should help) and check which user type they are 
  • Output the appropriate content.

Hopefully that points you in the right direction. 

Thanks Scott, I will get started on the development of this plugin.