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MVC is a software approach that separates application logic from presentation. It Can make the Q&A maintenance easier.

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There's certainly a separation of the database (qa-db-*.php), app logic (qa-app-*.php), and presentation (qa-page-*.php and qa-theme-*.php) layers, exactly like MVC, just without the terminology. I don't use a traditional MVC framework since I feel it would be too restrictive for the kinds of things that Q2A needs to do.

For the next version I would encourage you to look at some sort of templating.  I am trying to rearrange layout a bit and finding it very difficult since everything is built up with nested functions.  I think the value would explode if it were easier to edit look & feel
There are separations while we realize it is so hard to change the layout of a page. Could you please apply the template in the next version? In that case, people can easily modify the html codes.  Appreciate your work.