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I am building a new website. On answer form, after submitting an answer an error pops up as:

"you are submitting too quickly, please wait a second. "

The hosting provider is not able to find out the reason why this is happening.
I did not submit any answer in my new website until now. Please help me.

Website - cosmolaunch.com 

Q2A version: latest
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Is that CMS even Q2A? I don't see any Q2A parts in the website's structure.
It looks like WordPress to me ...
yup... WordPress, indeed. https://cosmolaunch.com/wp-login.php
Theme - Discy
so I asked in a wrong forum?
Yes @Prabakaran . This is a Q&A site to answer questions related to Question2Answer CMS only (https://www.question2answer.org)

You can try https://wordpress.stackexchange.com for WordPress related questions or https://stackoverflow.com for code related questions in general.