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How can I add a h2 or h3 tag to text in answers or in questions?

Should be easy to add that option to the wysiwyg editor, question is how?

I see settings in qa-wysiwig-editor.php, I guess it has to be added somewhere in these lines:

$qa_content['script_onloads'][]="CKEDITOR.replace(".qa_js($fieldname).", {toolbar:[".

Anyone know the code to add h2, h3 tags here?

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I found it myself, here's how to do it - quite easy.

Open qa-wysiwyg-editor.php

add this to the section mentioned above in the question itself


Now go to the following directory and open the default.js:


and add this or edit to your liking:

{name:'Blue H2',element:'h2',styles:{color:'Blue'}},{name:'Red h2',element:'h2',styles:{color:'Red'}},{name:'Red h3',element:'h3',styles:{color:'Red'}},{name:'Blue H3',element:'h3',styles:{color:'Blue'}},

Upload the changed files and now you can easily add h2 and h3 headers.

Which can sure help with your seo efforts.

BTW Gideon, thanks for such a great script!