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Is there a working plugin to show list of online users?

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asked Jan 4, 2016 in Plugins by Waterfr Villa
edited Jan 4, 2016 by Waterfr Villa
This is not providing accurate stat at all


and this one is too old and not compatible with qa 1.7+

commented Oct 21 by pupi1985
@Waterfr Villa
I noticed you mentioned there were too few users displayed, compared to Google Analytics. After a very quick look at the plugin's code, I noticed it is taking the users that were active "recently" (I think there is an admin setting to configure what "recently" means). There is a keep-alive of the recent activity whenever a user is displayed the widget. This high-level logic looks good to me.

However, there might be a couple of reasons for the users to differ from GA:
 1. GA has historical information. This plugin only displays users that visited the site "recently". The good thing about the plugin is that it deletes any non-recent activity
 2. The keep-alive of the recent activity is done whenever the widget is displayed. This is not the right approach as if you don't display the widget in a given section of your site, then the activity won't be updated. It should be updated on every request a user performs
commented Oct 22 by Waterfr Villa
Thank you for the clarification Pupi and thanks a lot to you Ali for developing it
commented Oct 25 by Waterfr Villa
I still believe it is not doing what it says it does. google analytics shows 60 online users while this plugin says there is only one online user, the admin!
commented Oct 25 by pupi1985
I just realized there were 2 plugins linked here. I was talking about the one Arjun posted: https://github.com/arjunsuresh/Q2A-OnlineUsers

Bare in mind if you are using the one linked in the question it is also filtering out many bots (e.g. Alexa, Google). Not sure if GA is counting them.

Also, to make a fair comparison you should know what time window is GA using to tell you that those users are "online". In the plugin linked in the question, the window is 10 minutes.

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