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I have a strange problem. In Firefox (44.0.2) I have a problem with fonts on my q2a site but not on http://www.question2answer.org

I use the same verstion 1.73 and the same theme, on http://www.question2answer.org the font is clear and crisp and on my site as on the attached screenshot.

Any ideas?

You haven't posted your website URL to see
I can't post the URL cause it is on a resricted testserver.

I checked the site with Firebug and found a 404 Errormessage about:


not found. And if I go in this folder there is no fontello2.woff on the server.
Is this a bug or have I missed something?



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There is a bug with Q2A 1.7.3 where the wrong font is linked. Though it should still work fine as one of the other fonts should be picked up instead, but maybe there's some issue with Firefox in that regard.

It's been fixed in the dev branch on Github but not released yet. Here is the specific change, you can fix it yourself by editing the qa-styles.css file.