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I have one general Q2A site it dose not focus on any single niche! Is there anyone who have a general q&a site if yes then please share what you did to get users, also people who have a specific Niche site you too tell what worked for you, this will not only help me but other users also who are strugling! Thanks in advance.

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My advice, always use niches and specialized forums to "own a word". E.g. users visiting your website stormy.whatsoever will have a windpark in mind. General forums do not really work, due to the lack of a "word".

I have created a specialized maths forum: http://www.mathelounge.de/ - I filled it with 100 - 200 maths questions 4 years ago, questions that I before answered by email. Google picked them up and students started to find me. Now I have 20-25k visitors per day and about 65k questions and 83k answers.

On the other hand, I started a Lithuanian *general* q&a forum: http://www.klaustukai.lt/ --- I paid for the writers, I made donation games (I paid 0,50 € per incoming question). I made games, rewards etc. It just did not work out. Even though I have about 5k answers of quality content. This is actually quite depressing :D

So, again. Be specialized and own a word!

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Wow! Thanks for your response. I would now try to own a word now! Thanks once again.