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Just wanted to css format the "please login or register ... " part and found out that it is inside the h2 tag!

The h2 tag is in this case generally used for the "Your answer" headline.

<div class="qa-a-form" id="anew">
   <h2>Your answer</h2>


<div class="qa-a-form" id="anew">
  <h2>Please <a href="../login">login</a> or <a href="../register">register</a> ...

There is no way to CSS format this part, it always effects both.
Q2A version: 1.7.4

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I think using the :first-child and :last-child in CSS should work:

.qa-a-form h2 a:first-child {
  /* login link styles */

.qa-a-form h2 a:last-child {
  /* register link styles */