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Hi everyone 

I have a problem in my QA website, I hope to find a solution with you

If you visit the website: http://ask.dzemploi.org/  you will notice that the CSS files don't work,

I try to re instal the script and also I try to install the last version but the problem is still the same.

I hope that somone tell me what is the problem in this site

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Hello adbenour, can you login to you website and then go to admin > general > themes

There you can can change the themes, please apply some other theme and let us know if it works for you. Currently you are using Classic theme, so applying Snow or SnowFlat would be good.
Hi Gurjyot Singh
I try both of Snow and Candy Themesbut the problem is still the same
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This is my reasoning (There is no basis). I recommend that you check HTML code of your sites. Link addresses of your main site are absolute path. On the other hand, link addresses of Q2A site are relative path. Therefore, you should check the configuration (server > location > root directives) of your web server (Nginx).


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Your CSS and Javascript files are not there:


Both give a 404 error. Either the files are not there, or there is a server configuration error somewhere. The server is nginx so you may need some special configuration, do a search on this site as there are several answers with details.