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I'm keep trying to convert css clases, rewriting them, but it's to complicated to me. Is anyone knows easy way or can share most easy way to do that ?

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We did, took about 2 days to code.

Gideon has done a great job with q2a, giving each element its own class name.  it makes it very easy to style using CSS alone. 




@friendly, thanks.  It doesnt do that for me?  How do i research this???
Everything looks fine on the server, plus did a couple malware checks through google and http://www.avgthreatlabs.com/sitereports/domain/?domain=answers.flashtopia.com&check=.   My site is not listed.  I dont use nod antivirus.
I dont know, but NOD keeps bloking site, i have to disable NOD to see your site... theres no other info just IP adress and URL..
Hello Frank, http://answers.flashtopia.com looks really great. Did you only change the css code or also qa-theme.php to get that layout? How did you customize the header and footer? Philip