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I am sure it would be a nice-to-have to use a qa-script.js for each theme, the same we do for qa-styles.css

I have some custom jquery code that I normally put in qa-page.js which is of course not good since the update overrides it. So a lot of extra work.

Having a qa-script.js in the theme folder would be the best solution I can think of.

PS: When do we transfer the 'old' javascript code of all js files to jquery? It would be much easier to read, plus the entire system would get even more flexible.
Q2A version: 1.7.4

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Is there a particular advantage to that? All themes can add their own JS however they like, you don't need to add it to qa-page.js.

Regarding jQuery, I've made some changes in 1.8 already which switches to jQuery's verison of window.onload, and cut down duplicate JS on some pages. I'll update more as I go along.